Newell Scatto parabolic softbox - 90 cm

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The Newell Scatto is a high-quality parabolic softbox with a diameter of 90 cm. Its interior is filled with a special silver coating that acts as a reflector. The softbox will allow you to soften the light emitted by your flash by eliminating deep and harsh shadows. The modifier is equipped with the popular Bowens mount, which ensures compatibility with most studio lamps on the market. Included with the softbox you will find 2 diffusion fabrics (outer and inner), which will make it easier to adjust the degree of light diffusion to the current needs of your frames, as well as a honeycomb (grid) and a carrying bag.

90 cm diameter parabolic softbox
fast and convenient assembly
Made of durable, high-quality materials
Lightweight construction for easy assembly
lightweight construction for fast folding and unfolding
silver interior to minimise light loss, providing great reflection
perfect alternative to small diffusion panels and rectangular softboxes
2 diffusers (external and internal) included to adjust the degree of light diffusion
grid (honeycomb) for easy targeting of the light beam
Sturdy transport bag included

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