Newell Kathi PRO RGB LED Light - 640mm

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Newell RGB Kathi Pro is an LED light designed for creative photographers and filmmakers. The characteristic shape of the lightsaber and 64 cm in length will give you great creative freedom, both when working “handheld” and when the device is installed on a tripod with 1/4 thread”. The lamp offers adjustable color temperature (2700 – 6500 K), the ability to change the color of the light within HSI’s extensive color space, as well as 12 preset special effects (including fire engine, thunderstorm or campfire). The USB-C port allows quick charging of the built-in battery or powering with a power bank. It’s the perfect choice for people who want to play with colors, take atmospheric photos and videos, experiment with special effects or create spectacular “light painting”.

model: Newell RGB Kathi Pro
output power: 12 W
CRI: 95 – 97
TLCI: 98 – 99
color temperature range: 2700 – 6500 K
max brightness: 640 lux (from a distance of 0.5 m)
dimming range: 0 – 100%
RGB range: 0 – 360º
battery capacity: 2600 mAh
remote control: mobile app
dimensions: 640 x 36 x 35 mm
weight: 570 g
Kit contents
Newell RGB LED lamp Kathi Pro
Cover for the lamp
USB-A / USB-C cable

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