Newell DL-USB-C twin charger for BLX-1

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Features of the Newell DL-USB-C twin charger for Olympus BLX-1

Compact dimensions

Newell DL-USB-C twin charger for Olympus BLX-1 is a portable charger with the size of a credit card and 2cm thickness. The compact dimensions and weight of 45 grams allows it to pack it easily with the rest of the equipment and become the companion of every trip.

Lots of power

With the ability to power from any USB port, the device can use power from a laptop, powerbank, charger of your smartphone or a car socket while driving.

Two charging channels and safety

Newell dual USB-C charger has two independent charging channels, allowing to faster recharge battery packs. Advanced controllers regulate the parameters of the charging process, preventing overheating and overloading, ensure maximum battery life.

Information about the charging status

With the built-in display you can easily check what is the state of charge of each battery.

Years of experience

Newell brand has been on the market for many years and has a long list of satisfied customers, both among professionals and amateurs.

The charger is compatible with Newell and other genuine and alternative batteries.

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