JJC Filter Pouch (Holds 3 filters up to 82mm)

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JJC FP-K3 GRAY Foldout Filter Pouch provides a secure and convenient transport and storage solution for up to three filters (the diameter of the filter is within 95mm and the thickness of filter is within 10mm). The exterior of the filter pouch is made of high quality polyester material, sturdy and durable. Filters placed within this pouch are each held within one of three elastic pockets and can be easily accessed by opening its hook and loop closure. In addition, the belt loop on the back allows you to attach this filter pouch to a belt. The filter pouch comes with a vacuum packaged microfiber cleaning cloth, which effectively removes dust, fingerprints and oil smudges without leaving residues.


Product Highlights

Foldout filter pouch

Holds 3 filters (the diameter of the filter is within 95mm and the thickness of filter is within 10mm)

High quality polyester material, sturdy and durable

Elastic neoprene interior protects your filter better

Hook and loop closure design for easy access

Features a belt loop on the back for attaching to a belt

Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth

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