10 x 10 Spudz Ultra Lens Cloth In Pouch w/SUDZ (Vivid Red)

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PRO ULTRA MICROFIBER CLOTH WITH SUDZ: Microfiber is a high-quality fiber cloth that is extremely fine. In fact, the fibers are barely visible to the eye. It’s made from polyester and polyamide. This fabric is great at picking up and trapping dirt in its weave. Microfiber also has superior absorbency compared to other traditional, thick fibers like cotton. And it’s machine washable for an easy clean.
GREEN CLEANING SUPPLIES: Microfiber cloths are becoming a standard cleaning product because of how effective they are. Using microfiber cloths, you can eliminate using some commercial cleaning products to reduce chemical exposure, waste, and money. Because they’re reusable, these cloths are an obvious choice for cleaning cars, eyeglasses, electronics, sunglasses, cameras, and more.
PORTABLE NEOPRENE POUCH: Don’t lose your microfiber cloths again. Small cloths have a tendency to get lost after use. But with our secure neoprene pouch, you won’t ever lose your microfiber cloth! The pouch flips closed so the microfiber cloth never falls out. And it has a clip to attach to keychains, purses, backpacks, camera bags, binoculars, and anywhere else.
MADE IN THE USA: SPUDZ variety pack of microfiber towels is made in the USA. This pack comes with 5 different patterned pouches: Blaze, Stealth Shadow, Alpine Mountain Camo, Stealth Tan, and Phantom Shadow. Get microfiber cloths measuring 6” by 6” to keep nearby to clean a lens or window. Replace your cleaning wipes and other household cleaners with a reusable, eco-friendly microfiber cloth.
SOFT & DURABLE: The tight weave of microfiber cloth makes it durable yet soft. The soft cloth is great for polishing glass surfaces because it removes smudges easily without leaving scratches or streaks behind. But it's also tough enough to use on kitchen appliances, car parts, and walls. Throw out your old rags and introduce the next generation of cleaning supplies to your home.

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