Newell 9V USB-C Onboard Litium Ion 500mAh Battery - DIRECT CHARGE USB-C / NO CHARGER RQD

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The Newell 9-volt USB-C 500 mAh battery is an excellent alternative to the traditional rectangular 6F22 batteries used in calculators, smoke detectors, wall clocks or electrical circuits used for scientific purposes. The cell features an integrated USB-C port, which allows you to replenish energy using a cable connected to a computer, smartphone charger or power bank. The high-quality battery offers a capacity of 500 mAh. At the same time, the cell is extremely resistant to self-discharge. The manufacturer also took care of modern technologies to protect against overheating, overloading and overcharging. In the set you will find 1 Newell 9 V USB-C 500 mAh battery and a USB-A / USB-C cable.

Newell 9V USB-C 500 mAh Battery Pack

Main Product Features

  • an eco-friendly alternative to traditional nine-volt batteries
  • 40-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • capacity of 500 mAh
  • equipped with an integrated USB-C port for charging
  • possible to charge using a USB-C cable connected to, for example, a power bank, computer or USB charger
  • USB-A / USB-C cable included
  • protection against overheating, overloading and overcharging
  • multiple charging and discharging with no “memory effect”
  • extremely resistant to self-discharge
  • up to 1,200 charge cycles
  • created using lithium-ion technologyNewell 9V USB-C 500 mAh Battery

Charging via USB-C port

Are you a frequent traveler and want as few devices and electronic gadgets in your backpack as possible? Do you want to charge your battery without having to reach for a charger? Or are you looking for a way to connect the cell to a power bank? Newell 9V USB-C 500 mAh is the rechargeable battery you need! The integrated USB-C port will allow you to become independent of traditional chargers. All you need is one cable, and charging the battery will be as easy as refilling your smartphone.

Newell 9V USB-C 500 mAh Battery

Charging Control

When you choose the Newell 9 V USB-C 500 mAh battery pack, you don’t have to worry about the cell’s energy replenishment being out of your control. Once the cable is plugged in, a small LED will inform you of the ongoing charging process with a steady red light. When the color changes to green, it will be a sign that the energy in the battery has been replenished to full.

Newell 9V USB-C 500 mAh Battery

40 month warranty

Newell means hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world who have been using high quality batteries, battery replacements and various types of chargers for many years. For the sake of the utmost comfort, the service warranty on all the brand’s products has been extended up to 40 months! By choosing Newell 9V USB-C 500 mAh battery, you are assured that in case of any complications, the help and technical support department will quickly solve your problem!

Ecological choice

The popular 6F22 rectangular cell is used in calculators, smoke detectors, wall clocks or electrical circuits used for scientific purposes, among others. The Newell 9-volt USB-C 500 mAh battery offers up to 1,200 charging cycles. This means that it can replace up to 1,200 disposable batteries! Rechargeable cells mean less trash going into the environment, a fatter wallet, and valuable time saved when regular visits to the kiosk are no longer a necessity!

Newell 9V USB-C 500 mAh Rechargeable Battery

Modern Technology

Newell 9 V USB-C 500 mAh is a rechargeable battery that will stay with you for a long time. The cell is extremely resistant to self-discharge. If you charge it to full, you can be sure that it will retain about 80% of its energy after many months of storage. The battery was created based on lithium-ion technology. As a result, it can be repeatedly charged, discharged, and recharged at any time. The advanced technology used by the Newell brand also avoids the occurrence of the so-called memory effect, i.e. the cell “remembers” the reduced time of use.

Protection and safety

The Newell 9-volt USB-C 500 mAh batteries use an intelligent protection system. It regulates the charging process while providing a high level of protection for the powered devices. With this battery your electronic equipment will be safe. The technologies used by Newell are a guarantee of reliability and durability, as well as adequate protection against overheating, overcharging or overloading.

Newell 9V USB-C 500 mAh Battery


    • devices powered by nine-volt batteries (6F22)
Batteries with built-in USB-C ports may not be compatible with devices used for audio transmission or processing. In some cases, unwanted noise or signal interference may occur.


    • model: Newell 9V USB-C 500 mAh
    • type: 6F22
    • technology: Li-ion
    • capacity: 500 mAh (4.5 Wh)
    • voltage: 9 volts
    • charging time: approximately 6 h
    • charging port: USB-C (no charging with a traditional battery charger)
    • charging port.
    • weight: 24 g

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