COSYSPEED QUICK SALLY One-Hand Camera Wrist Strap with Magnet Pad (two colours)

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Color: Charcol / Black
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  • The Camera Hand Strap for one-handed Operation

    For many photographers, camera hand straps offer protection against unintentional dropping of their camera. However, putting on and taking off a camera hand strap is cumbersome and time-consuming because the second hand is usually required. The QUICK SALLY single-hand strap for system cameras and DSLRs breaks new ground in handling and offers fast, single-handed operation. This philosophy of fast, single-handed operation, which is the basis of design for all COSYSPEED products, is now applied to a hand strap for the very first time.

    The QUICK SALLY single-hand strap is made of a high-quality material mix. The chic duo tone fabric made of ballistic nylon is processed in such a way that it retains its shape. This makes it easy to reach through with your hand and put the loop around your wrist. To prevent the QUICK SALLY single-hand strap from slipping when put on, a magnetic holder is fitted on the side. This works with one magnet that is sewn into the hand loop, and another magnet in the Velcro attaching pad as a counterpart. Once the Velcro pad is placed inside the photo bag, the hand strap can be attached to it and remains fixed and always ready to hand in the photo bag.

    The QUICK SALLY single-hand strap was specially developed for system cameras but is also a perfect fit for DSLRs. The high-quality material and processing are designed for high quality and durability. Manufacturing companies are certified at for fair working conditions, and environmentally friendly production.


    • Colours: Steel Grey and Charcoal Black
    • In the Box: 1 x QUICK SALLY single-hand strap, 1 x Velcro pad
    • Dimensions: approx. 200 x 25 mm

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