GGS Foto Larmor GEN4 Screen Protector for Canon EOS 77D

Sale price$21.00


Glass LCD protectors offer superior protection and are easy to fit and remove. 

All our glass LCD protectors are made from tough glass and are compatible with touchscreen LCDs. The protectors are easy to fit and remove*, leaving no glue residue behind.

*glass can only be installed and removed once.

What's Included: 1 x Glass LCD Protector.

Larmor LCD protector:

Larmor LCD Protectors provide superior shock absorbency and scratch protection for your camera's LCD. Featuring a protection system manufactured from optical glass, layered with anti explosion and anti breakage film to ensure maximum strength and protection. Larmor protectors are easy and quick to install and are supplied with a super soft wet cleaning cloth. Larmor protectors feature a camera specific black border and some models also have a second protector for the screen on the top of the camera (not all models).

Note: Images are for illustration purposes only and may feature other camera models. Camera not included.

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