AEROCLIPSE™ Lens & CCD Cleaner (15ml Bottle)

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AEROCLIPSE™ is a non-flammable lens and ccd cleaner from Photographic Solutions. With extremely high purity, it evaporates quickly leaving absolutely no residue. Guaranteed safe on all sensor types.
AEROCLIPSE™ lens cleaner is the highest purity lens and sensor cleaner available.

It dries as quickly as it can be applied, leaving absolutely no residue.

It is non-flammable.

Note: Always dry clean a sensor first, before wet cleaning with a swab. Please see our help and guidance section for sensor cleaning advice.

For lens cleaning, use with Photographic Solutions PEC*PAD photo wipes.

Bottle contains 15 ml. (0.5 fl. oz.) with dropper applicator.
AEROCLIPSE™ is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Note: This fluid must only be used for cleaning the sensor or sensor filter surface and/or the glass parts of your lens/filter. If you need advice on cleaning other parts of your camera equipment, please ask us. We will be happy to help.

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