Universal LCD Hood for 3" LCD Displays (Black)

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Clip on flip-up LCD hood for 3" LCD displays. Handy device that offers both screen protection and improved viewing in bright light.
Universal LCD Hood for 3" LCD Displays (Black)

This is a screen protector and clip-on LCD hood designed for 3” camera LCD screens.

The unit is supplied in two parts.

  • A clear plastic screen protector fitted into a slim black frame.

  • A clip-on, pop-up LCD hood.

The screen protector is fitted to the display where it provides everyday screen protection. The black frame is quite slim, so it has no effect on normal camera operation. The pop-up hood can then be clipped to the frame and removed again at any time. The pop-up hood opens out to shade the top and two sides. The hood can be folded down and left on the camera to provide additional screen protection.

Will it fit my camera?

LCD displays come in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios. We recommend you measure your camera carefully to determine whether this hood will fit your LCD.

Screen Protector.
The outside dimensions are 71.7mm x 51.6mm. Check your camera to ensure this frame will sit on your camera’s display, without extending beyond the panel to obscure any buttons.

Inside the frame, the clear screen protector area is 60.4mm x 44.4mm. Check your camera’s displayed image size, to ensure the protector does not block any part of the displayed image.
Once fitted, the protector adds 2.5mm to the thickness of the camera.

LCD Hood.

  • The outside dimensions are 72.7mm 52.7mm. Check that there is enough clearance to fit the hood without it interfering with any controls on the camera rear.

  • Once fitted to the frame, the hood adds 6.6mm to the thickness of the camera. Without the hood clipped on, the frame adds 2.5mm to the thickness of the camera.

  • With the hood unfolded the shade adds around 52mm thickness to the camera.

  • The hood simply clips onto the black frame and can be clipped on and off at any time.

  • With the hood removed , the screen protector remains in place to prevent any damage to the LCD.

  • The screen protector is easy to fit. Simply clean the screen, remove the protective films from the back of the protector and carefully position the protector over the LCD and press into position.

  • Weight: 18g approx.

Note: Camera Not Included.

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