Matin Silicone Jumbo Blower

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Silicone blower - Flat base allows blower to stand upright.
Manufactured from Silicone, this powerful blower is odourless and less likely to degrade over time.

Rubber blowers, by contrast have a strong odour and can degrade, which may lead to sticky rubber particles being ejected when used.

The simple design with a flat base allows the blower to stand upright, keeping the nozzle clean. Finally, because the blower has a soft silicone tip, rather than a hard plastic nozzle, it is unlikely to damage anything it accidentally comes into contact with (such as a sensor surface).

Always keep a blower in a zip lock bag when not in use, to prevent dust particles entering the bulb. Always point the blower in a safe direction before use and test, to expel any particles inside the bulb.

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