Newell RGB-W Rangha Max XL LED lamp - HUGE LED LIGHT PANEL!

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  • Newell’s RGB-W Rangha Max XL is a compact LED panel with an impressive 28cm by 18cm size that will meet the needs of photographers and video makers alike. The unit offers adjustable colour temperature (2500 – 9900 K), as well as the ability to change the colour of the light within the HSI colour space. Intuitive operation of the lamp is ensured by ergonomic knobs and buttons, as well as a backlit OLED screen. Three 1/4″ threads and the included cold shoe adapter are solutions to connect the flash to a tripod or photo-video accessories. The USB-C port allows for a quick recharge of the built-in battery (23000 mAh). A USB-A socket allows other devices to be charged directly from the lamp. The manufacturer also did not forget about 21 special effects (including strobe, candle or police car lights).

    Main product features

    • compact LED panel measuring 28 x 18 cm
    • ideal choice for photographers and video makers
    • adjustable colour temperature from 2500 to 9900 K
    • maximum light output of 1600 lumens (9900 K)
    • possibility to change the colour of the light within the HSI colour space (hue, saturation, brightness)
    • convenient operation via ergonomic knobs (switches “+”/”-“) and buttons located on the side edge of the device
    • 21 preset special effects divided into 7 groups
    • Included is a cold shoe adapter, which will allow the flash to be installed, for example, in the sled of a camera or camcorder
    • 3 1/4″ threads allowing additional accessories to be connected to the flash
    • Lighted OLED screen for convenient control of light parameters
    • USB-C port for convenient and fast charging
    • USB-A port for charging other devices from the light
    • Built-in 23000 mAh rechargeable battery

    The compact panel in XL variant

    Rangha Max XL is an enlarged version of the acclaimed LED panel from Newell for photographers and video makers. Measuring 28 x 18 cm, the unit will give you a maximum luminous flux of 1600 lumens at a colour temperature of 9900 K. The light’s low weight and ease of assembly make the lamp perfect for both studio and outdoor use. This powerful and compact LED panel is a “must have” for any photographer, filmmaker, vlogger or influencer posting videos on YouTube or TikTok.

    Colour temperature adjustment

    The Newell RGB-W Rangha Max XL LED lamp allows you to fine-tune the colour temperature from 2500 to 9900 K. This makes it easy to adjust the light to suit different lighting conditions and the scenes you create. Whether you need warm tones, a cosy atmosphere or arctic coolness, the Rangha Max XL will always provide the right conditions.

    HSI colour palette

    With the Newell RGB-W Rangha Max XL lamp, your photos and videos can be complemented with coloured light to add a unique touch to your shots and frames. The device allows you to take advantage of the HSI colour palette, where you can change parameters such as hue, saturation and brightness separately. The flash provides almost unlimited possibilities for experimenting with coloured light. With it, you will bring your photos and videos to life by adding unique colour accents.

    Unique special effects

    The Newell RGB-W Rangha Max LED lamp offers up to 21 ready-made special modes, which have been divided into 7 groups for your convenience. A variety of lighting effects, such as ambulance, strobe, TV, fire, disco, radio car, or fireworks, will allow you to feel the magic of the cinema, without the need to hire a pyrotechnic crew and reach for additional accessories!

    Intuitive operation

    Working with the Newell RGB-W Rangha Max XL LED lamp is a pleasure. Ergonomic buttons and switches are responsible for its operation, allowing you to conveniently adjust the value of individual parameters. The backlit OLED screen allows you to quickly check and modify the settings, making it easy to precisely adjust the light to your individual needs.

    Convenient mounting

    In the kit with the lamp, you will receive a cold shoe adapter that allows you to install the Rangha Max XL on the sled of your camera or camcorder. There are also 1/4″ threads on the housing of the unit. Popular in the photo-video industry, the mounting points will allow you to connect the lamp to additional accessories, tripods or “magic arm” mounts.


    The Newell RGB-W Rangha Max XL LED light features a USB-C port for quick and convenient charging of the built-in 23000 mAh battery. You will also find a traditional USB-A socket on the housing of the device. Thanks to it, you can turn the lamp into a powerbank and easily charge your smartphone, headphones or other accessories accompanying you on the shooting or photography set.


    • model: Newell RGB-W Rangha Max XL
    • max power: 24 W
    • colour temperature range: 2500 – 9900 K
    • light colour adjustment: 0 – 360º (HSI)
    • CRI: 96+
    • max. light intensity:
    • 9900 K: 1600 lm
    • 2500 K: 1200 lm
    • red: 640 lm
    • green: 1500 lm
    • blue: 300 lm
    • brightness adjustment range: 1 – 100%
    • battery capacity: 23000 mAh (14.8 V)
    • USB-C charging port (5 V / 2 A)
    • dimensions: 28 x 18 x 1.5 cm
    • weight: 1008 g

    Kit contents

    • Newell RGB-W Rangha Max XL LED lamp
    • USB-A / USB-C cable
    • cold shoe adapter

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