LCD Optical Viewfinder (S8)

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Collapsible LCD optical viewfinder from GGS. 3 x magnification for 3 - 3.2" screens.
GGS LCD optical viewfinder (S8)

This optical viewfinder is suitable for fixed screens, tilting screens and vari-angle screens. The viewfinder is collapsible, lightweight, easy to fit and comfortable to use.

The viewfinder connects to your camera's LCD via the included connection belts. The short belts are for wrapping around a tilting or vari-angle screen and the long belts wrap around the camera's body if you have a fixed screen. You can also carry the viewfinder around your neck if you wish.


  • 3 x magnification.

  • Neck strap for carrying.

  • 2 sets of connection belts for different LCD types.

  • Collapsible silicone body.

  • Lightweight and compact design.


  • 3 x magnification.

  • Suitable for 3" - 3.2" screens.

  • Size: Collapsed: 78x60x34mm. Open: 78x60x85mm

Note: Photos for illustration purposes only, cameras and other accessories not included.

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