Dust-Aid Dust-Wand Kit

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The Dust-Wand kit is a low-cost, effective method to wet-clean the sensor in a DSLR. The kit is suitable for all sensor sizes.
Dust-Aid Dust-Wand Kit

The DUST-WAND KIT brings versatility and value to DSLR sensor cleaning.

This do-it-yourself wrapping kit is a very cost effective way to clean welded-on dust from your camera's sensor.

The versatility comes from the three included DUST-WAND's

  • 1.6 (14mm)

  • 1.3 (16mm)

  • 1.0 (18mm)

The included DUST-CLOTHs are wrapped around the wands. There are 50 cloths per kit which come in a zip lock bag to keep them clean.

Also included are small cloth clips that are used to hold the DUST-CLOTHs in place.

Also included in the kit is ULTRA CLEAN cleaning fluid*. When it comes to evaporation speed, there is non-faster, it is also non-flammable and non-alcohol based.

What's Included:

  • 1 x DUST-WAND 1.6 (14mm)

  • 1 x DUST-WAND 1.3 (16mm)

  • 1 x DUST-WAND 1.0 (18mm)

  • 1 x ULTRA CLEAN Liquid

  • 3 x Cloth Clips

  • 50 x 4"x4" DUST-CLOTHs in a zip lock bag.

Remember! ALWAYS remove dry loose dust BEFORE swabbing your sensor.
It is important that prior to wet cleaning a DSLR sensor, the photographer must be diligent in removing all surface dust. The most effective tool for this task is Dust-Aid Platinum.

It is the photographer's responsibility to assemble Dust-Wand cleaning swabs in a clean, dust-free environment to ensure the swab does not become contaminated.

Full instructions are supplied with each kit.
Note: The swabs should never be used dry.

For more information on safe sensor cleaning practices please visit our help and guidance pages, here.

*Note: This fluid must only be used for cleaning the sensor or sensor filter surface and/or the glass parts of your lens/filter. If you need advice on cleaning other parts of your camera equipment, please ask us. We will be happy to help.

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