Kinetronics KineStat film cleaner

Size: 35mm Format
Prix réduit$133.00


The Kinetronics KineStat© is an economical, static dissipative film cleaner that uses three StaticWisk anti-static brushes and a grounding cord for effective anti-static film cleaning. Comes in 2 sizes: KS-035, KS-070

The film is cleaned as it passes through the conductive StaticWisk TM brushes. The brushes dissipate the static and whisk dust and lint off the film.

The KineStat construction includes a durable steel frame and top quality components. The StaticWisk cleaning brushes can easily be removed for routine cleaning.

Thousands of KineStat film cleaners are in daily use throughout the world. The KineStat film cleaner has been proven to provide top quality film cleaning for minilabs and in digital scanning. KineStat film cleaners are sold with a one-year warranty.

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