Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid 15ml (Non-Flammable)

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Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid is a fast evapaorating sensor cleaning solution from The Dust Patrol. Non-flammable and excellent at removing greasy spots from your sensor.
Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid 15ml (Non-Flammable)

Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid is a non-flammable optical cleaning solution. When used in an appropriate amount/volume, it will evaporate as quickly as it is applied, leaving clean optics and no residue. Use with Alpha Premium Sensor Cleaning Swabs for cleaning your CMOS or CCD sensor.

Note: When cleaning a sensor, more isn't always better. Placing too much cleaner on your swab will cause unwanted results, therefore only 2 or 3 drops on the tip of the swab will suffice for favorable results.

Not only is Beta Optical Cleaning Fluid effective on sensors, it's well suited for all optics. Use with Delta Optical Cleaning Wipes for cleaning your lens optics.

Bottle contains 15ml. (.05 fl. oz.) with dropper applicator.

Note: This fluid must only be used for cleaning the sensor or sensor filter surface and/or the glass parts of your lens/filter. If you need advice on cleaning other parts of your camera equipment, please ask us. We will be happy to help.

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