B-Grip Tripod Adaptor

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Simple, but effective adaptor that allows a B-Grip user to swap the camera from Tripod to B-Grip with changing quick release plates. Works with almost every tripod.
B-Grip Tripod Adaptor

This highly useful accessory allows a B-Grip/EVO user to quickly transfer their camera from B-Grip/EVO to a tripod and back to the B-Grip/EVO again, without changing any fitting or making any adjustments.

Does not work with B-Grip UNO.

The B-Grip/EVO quick release system uses a Din 4503 compatible quick-release plate to mount the camera. However most tripod manufacturers design their own quick-release plates, which can make it difficult to transfer a camera from one tripod to another. Normally, you would need to change the quick-release plate to match the tripod.

The Tripod Adaptor is an inexpensive accessory that is designed to solve this problem. It mounts onto almost any tripod using the quick-release plate supplied with the tripod. If your tripod does not use a quick-release plate, it will mount using a standard ¼” tripod screw.

Once mounted, a camera with a B-Grip/EVO quick-release plate fitted, will simply click into position onto the Tripod Adaptor. The camera can then be instantly removed from the tripod and re-fitted into the B-Grip/EVO.

    • Works with almost every tripod

    • Instantly move from B-Grip/EVO to a tripod

    • Adds a quick-release plate to a standard tripod

Note: This product works with the B-Grip/EVO or Handstrap products available separately.

Note: B-Grip EVO/Handstraps NOT included.

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