Anti-Static Stretch Nylon Gloves (pair)

Size: Small
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Static dissipating seamless stretch nylon gloves. Extremely comfortable for extended wear. Designed for the photo electronic and medical industries. Ideal when handing static sensitive products such as film.
Anti-Static Stretch Nylon Gloves (pair).

These comfortable stretch nylon gloves are manufactured with static dissipating fibres. The gloves are designed to neutralise any static in objects that are handled.

They are dust free, reusable and washable. They contain no latex or carbon compound fibres and have no surface treatment.

Manufactured with no seams, they are extremely comfortable to wear.

The stretch design ensures a close fit which aids security when handling delicate, expensive equipment.


Small - Light Grey

Medium - Light Grey/Green

Large - Grey

We also have anti static brushes find them here.

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