3 in 1 Silicone Lens Hood 52mm

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High quality silicone lens hood, can be collapsed into 3 different lengths. Provides lens protection and shade from light. Filters can be fitted directly on to the hood.
3 in 1 Silicone Lens Hood 52mm

  • This 52mm 3 in 1 Lens Hood is made from high quality silicone.

  • The hood can be collapsed into three different lengths, you can extend the hood for telephoto shooting or collapse it for wide angle shooting.

  • The three lengths also allow you to adjust the hood for different light conditions and to help you avoid vignetting.

  • The hood also protects the end of your lens even when the hood is completely collapsed.

  • As well as lens protection the hood shades your lens from stray light, helping to improve contrast and image quality and in adverse weather the hood can assist in keeping mositure and wind-blown debris off your lens.

Note: If you have a lens filter already in place you can leave it there or use the hoods built in thread to mount the filter. (This can assist with vignetting issues).

Camera Not Included

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