Power Station Newell Asvala 220 V 41600 mAh PD 45 Wh

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The Newell Asvala Power Station is a portable power bank, allowing you to charge as well as power other devices. The station offers two classic USB type A ports, a USB-C port and an AC outlet (220 – 240 V) compatible with different types of electrical plugs. The versatility of applications combined with an impressive capacity of 41600 mAh will allow you to forget about traditional power sources for a long time. The station is equipped with a LED indicator of the charge level. The kit also includes a power adapter, allowing you to quickly replenish the power of the device. There were also modern technologies that protect against overheating, overloading and recharging. The station is also compatible with portable solar panels, which can be plugged into DC (19V) socket.

Model: Power Station Newell Asvala 220 V 41600 mAh PD 45 W
Color: black
Capacity: 41600 mAh / 154 Wh
Input: DC 12-30 V (max 40 W)
AC: 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz (max 200 W)
USB-C (Power Delivery): 45 W
USB 1: 5V / 2.4 A
USB 2: 5V / 2.4 A
Dimensions: 232.5 x 90 x 90 mm
Weight: 1.8 kg

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