Newell RL-10A LED Ring Light with Stand

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The Newell ring lamp has a built-in diffuser, so you get a pleasant, soft light without the need for additional accessories. The light output and colour temperature can be adjusted with the remote control. This allows you to perfectly adapt the light to the conditions.
Thanks to its specific design, the ring lamp ensures uniform light distribution. The design of the lamp allows it to be mounted directly or with a head, on a photographic or lighting tripod.

Ready to use
In the set with the lamp you will find a USB power cable, a tripod, a ball head and a smartphone holder, that is all necessary elements for work. Thanks to that the device is ready to use right after unpacking.

Power supply options
The power supply for the Newell RL-10A LED lamp is provided via a USB cable. We can use a power supply from your smartphone, powerbank or USB output from your laptop.

– LEDs: 120
– maximum power: 12 W
– Nominal useful light output: 2400 LM
– Power supply: USB DC 5 V 1 A (min)
– Mounting: on a lighting tripod (included), photo tripod, using a Crab Clamp
– type of cooling: natural ventilation
– dimensions (mm): 260
– weight (g): 169

Set contents
– LED Newell RL-10A
– Stand
– smartphone holder
– tripod
– cold-shoe
– Crab Clamp

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