Newell Pravaha RGB LED Light

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The Newell RGB Kathi is an LED light with a unique sword shape that you can use creatively during photo shoots and video work. The device offers adjustable power and color temperature, as well as 6 different colors of light. The lamp has 10 special modes of work allowing you to create unique special effects simulating, among others, a thunderstorm, rooster of a police car or candle light. The built-in 2,200 mAh battery and USB-C power option will ensure hours of comfortable use, while the remote control makes it even easier to control settings. Also included are magnetic mounts for mounting on metal surfaces, as well as a carrying case and wrist strap.

Main Product Features
unique LED lamp in distinctive lightsaber shape
convenient power adjustment from 10% to 100%
6 RGB light colors
3-step color temperature adjustment (3000 K, 4500 K, 6000 K)
Three buttons for convenient operation from the lightsaber handle
remote control for easy operation
Built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh
10 preset special effects
10 USB-C port for USB-C connection
USB-C port for convenient charging or powering the sword from a power bank
Zippered pouch and wrist strap included
possible to mount on a tripod with 1/4″
included 2 magnetic mounts that allow mounting on metal surfaces
Can be mounted on a tripod with 1/4 “thread
Universal application
The distinctive oblong shape offered by the Newell RGB Kathi LED lamp is a guarantee of great creative freedom. Its lightweight design, comfortable handle, the possibility of remote control via remote control, as well as the option of installation on special brackets will allow you to use it in various situations, while working on films and photos. The lightsaber will be perfect for unconventional games with light, creating unique atmosphere with colors and flashes. The device will also enable effective “light painting”. With Newell RGB Kathi you will open new layers of creativity and create even more interesting photos and videos!

Power and color temperature under control
It only takes a few seconds to conveniently adjust the light to the conditions or needs of your shots and frames. Changing the brightness is done by stepping through 10% power. You will set it using the buttons on the remote control or those located on the handle of the lightsaber. The Newell RGB Kathi LED light also offers a 3-stage color temperature adjustment. The available options are 3000 K, 4500 K and 6000 K.

Magic of colored light
In addition to 100 LEDs that mimic warm or cold light, the Newell Kathi lightsaber also offers 50 RGB leds. With them, your photos and videos can be complemented with colorful glows, flashes and arcs that will give your frames and shots a unique character. Among the available colors you will find red, green, blue, yellow, pink and blue. You can conveniently adjust their intensity and switch between them using the remote control or buttons built into the handle of the lamp.

Exclusive special effects
The Newell RGB Kathi LED lamp offers 10 unique special modes that will add unique lighting effects to your videos. With them you can simulate a thunderstorm, fireworks, candlelight, TV, broken light bulb, flash light, police car or ambulance. Want Hollywood effects in your productions? Use special modes and see how the magic of the cinema works!

Convenient remote control
Although the distinctive design of the Newell RGB Kathi LED lamp begs to be gripped in your hands, like a Jedi Knight lightsaber, working on a film or shooting set does not have to be a chore! The included remote control will allow for remote control. So you can hide the lamp among the scenery or set it up in a hard to reach place, without having to go up to it, every time you need to change the light parameters! The remote allows you to turn the lightsaber on and off, conveniently switch between different colors, and control the brightness and special effects.

Built-in battery and power bank power supply
The Newell RGB Kathi LED lightsaber is equipped with a capacious 2200 mAh battery. This ensures long working time and allows you to forget about replaceable batteries. When the device gets low, simply plug it in for charging via the USB-C port using the included cable. Importantly, this port can also power the flash. If you have hours of shooting ahead of you, simply plug the lightsaber into a power bank or charger for even more convenience!

Additional accessories included
With the Newell RGB Kathi LED Lamp, you’ll not only find a remote control and a cable for charging. The express pouch will allow you to store the lightsaber in a comfortable and safe way, and a special wrist strap will provide better comfort when working with the device held in your hand. And since the lamp can be controlled from a distance, the set could not lack special magnetic mounting brackets. Thanks to them you can attach the lightsaber to the metal surfaces, using it not only as a working tool, but also as a spectacular decoration.

model: Newell RGB Kathi
output power: 10 watts
power supply: 5V, 2A
battery capacity: 2200 mAh
brightness: 1200 lm max
LEDs: 150 pieces
color temperature range: 3000 – 6000 K
Dimming range: 10% – 100%
remote control: infrared remote control
dimensions: Ø 32 x 550 mm
weight: 292 g
Kit contents
Newell RGB Kathi LED lamp
2 self-adhesive holders with magnets
USB type A to USB type C cable
Remote remote control
remote control
wrist strap

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