Newell DC-LCD twin charger for NP-T125 batteries

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Newell DC-LCD – Professional battery charger with two charging channels and a clear display that controls the process.

Power Opportunities default, the device uses the power supply 100-230V. With the included cable kit also allows charging whilst driving.Newell charger has two independent channels, allowing faster recharge your battery packs. Advanced controllers regulate the parameters of the charging process. Protecting against overheating and overloading, ensure maximum viability of cells.
LCD display and two charging modes
Built-in LCD display shows the percentage of each battery charge status, as well as selected charging mode. The device can operate in the normal mode “L” and fast “H”.
Built-in USB charger
The device has a USB port, so it can also serve as a charger for smartphones, tablets and other devices

– Power supply – AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
– 12-24 V DC, 3000 mA (max)
– the charging current – normal (L): 1000 mA x1 / x2 500 mA
– High (H): 1,500 mA x1 / x2 800 mA
– USB: 2100
– dimensions: 12.5 x 11 x 4.3 cm
– weight: 290 g (without cable)

Battery Type: NP-T125

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