Newell D-Tap power cable for Pravaha

Sale price$17.00


The Newell D-Tap power cable will allow you to become independent of a traditional power supply when working with your Newell Pravaha LED light. With it you will connect your light source to a battery pack equipped with a D-Tap socket. The cable offers a length of 1 metre. The angled plugs will help take care of convenient access to your devices.

Main product features
Newell D-Tap power cable for Newell Pravaha lamp
Allows you to connect your Newell Pravaha lamp to an external battery pack (e.g. V-mount)
compatible with batteries equipped with a D-Tap socket
angled plug arrangement makes it easier to keep cables tidy
ideal choice for creatives who want to be independent of traditional power supplies
cable length: 1 metre

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