Newell Campina LED Lamp - for camping, nightlight, astronomy, dark skies

Color: Graphite
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Newell Campina is a compact LED light, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, vloggers and photographers. Measuring 8.4 x 7.8 x 2.85 cm, the device meets the IP64 standard, which means it is dust and splash proof. It can also withstand drops from a height of 1 meter. With 4 different mounting methods (ring mount, magnet, 1/4″ thread or lanyard mount), you will conveniently adjust it to your needs and the conditions in which you will spend your time. The lamp offers 2 ways to adjust the settings. You can choose from 3 default brightness modes or smoothly adjust the power of the lamp (1% – 100%). There is also an adjustment of the color temperature of the light (3000 K, 4500 K, 5700 K). Newell Campina is also a 5200 mAh power bank equipped with 2 ports – USB-A (output) and USB-C (input).

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa

Main product features

    • compact LED lamp in graphite color
    • it is smaller than half an apple (84 x 78 x 28.5 mm)
    • ideal choice for travelers (for tenting, camping or RV)
    • a great way to illuminate frames (for vloggers and photographers)
    • can act as a power bank (USB-A port and 5200 mAh capacity)
    • meets IP64 standard (dust and splash resistance)
    • resistant to drops from a height of 1 meter
    • 4 mounting methods: ring mount, magnet, 1/4″ thread, lanyard mount
    • 3 variants of light color temperature (3000 K, 4500 K, 5700 K)
    • 3 default brightness modes: high, medium, low
    • possibility of stepless power adjustment (from 1% to 100%)
    • 25m light beam range
    • wireless operation and convenient charging via USB-C port
    • 4 blue LED lights to indicate the charging level
    • special standby mode for lamp visibility in the dark
    • silicone wrist strap and metal carabiner included

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa

Ideal travel companion

The Newell Campina is the perfect solution for those looking for a compact light source that will fit in a backpack, purse or handy pouch. With its dimensions (84 x 78 x 28.5 mm), the light resembles half of a medium apple, so you can carry it even in your pocket. The ring handle and included accessories (wrist strap and carabiner) will further facilitate transportation and installation.

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa

Great choice for tenting, camping or RV

Do you like outdoor recreation? Instead of resorts and hotels, are you more likely to choose sleeping in a tent, traveling in an RV or in mountain lodges? If so, the Newell Campina lamp was created just for you. Its inconspicuous housing offers as many as 4 mounting methods, which will make it easy for you to direct the light properly, regardless of the conditions in which you will spend your time.

    • Ring mount – the pivoting ring can act as a stand or mounting point for a carabiner or cord.
    • Magnet – it only takes a second to connect the light to a metal surface.
    • Female 1/4″ thread – allows mounting on a tripod or selfie stick.
    • Lanyard attachment – two small holes will allow installation of a lanyard, wrist strap or cord.

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa

The perfect choice for vloggers and photographers

Newell Campina is not only for camping, outdoor and mountain trails. The light will be great for photographers, vloggers and web creators posting on Instagram or Tiktok. Thanks to its 1/4-inch mounting thread, it can be easily connected to a tripod or “magic arm” mount, giving you the stable light source you need when creating photo/video content. Infinitely adjustable brightness and three variants of light color temperature (3000 K, 4500 K, 5700 K) are features that will help you adjust the lighting to your individual preferences and needs.

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa


Depending on your needs, the Newell Campina lamp will allow you to adjust the brightness of the light in two different ways. Single clicks on the “+” or “-” buttons will allow you to switch between 3 default brightness modes: high, medium and low. If you want more precision, you can also adjust the power of the lamp infinitely. If you hold the “+” or “-” button longer, the light will brighten or dim from 1% to 100%. The lamp also has 3 color modes, allowing you to better adapt the color temperature to your specific situation. Choose from warm white (3000K), sunrise/sunset (4500K) or daylight (5700K).

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa

Power bank with a capacity of 5200 mAh

Newell Campina is not only a versatile light source, but also a practical power bank. With a built-in 5200 mAh battery, you can charge other devices such as smartphones, wireless headphones or e-book readers. The light is equipped with a traditional USB-A port, to which you just need to connect the appropriate cable, compatible with your device.

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa


The Newell Campina is a reliable light source that is designed to work in harsh conditions. The device meets the IP64 standard, which means that the light is resistant to dust and splashes. So you don’t have to worry about its performance when it’s raining or spending time at the beach. Newell Campina also offers resistance to drops from a height of 1 meter.

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa

Halo, here I am!

On the housing of the Newell Campina lamp you will find 4 blue LEDs that will inform you of the available power level. The device also offers a special standby mode. When you press the “W” button three times, the LEDs will remain active even when the lamp is turned off. This makes it easy to find it in your car or tent when there is total darkness all around.

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa

Additional accessories included

With the Newell Campina lamp, you get a set of practical accessories that further extend the convenience of the device. In addition to the USB-A / USB-C cable, in the box you will also find a metal snap hook and a silicone wrist strap.

Lampa LED Newell Campina - grafitowa


  • model: Newell Campina
  • color: graphite
  • light color temperature: 3000 – 5700 K
  • max light beam range: 25 m
  • ports: USB-A 5 V / 2 A output (charging other devices) / USB-C 5 V / 2 A input (charging the lamp)
  • attachments:
    – magnet
    – ring mount
    – 1/4 “thread
    – lanyard/wrist strap
  • battery capacity: 5200 mAh
  • fall resistance: 1 m
  • protection rating: IP64
  • dimensions: 84 x 78 x 28.5 mm
  • weight: 203 g

Kit contents

    • Newell Campina LED lamp – graphite
    • USB-A / USB-C cable
    • carabiner
    • lanyard

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