Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery with USB-C / D-TAP input charging and output power delivery via USB-A / USB-C / D-TAP

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  • Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount is a revolutionary rechargeable battery that will not only extend the runtime of your camera or video camera. With a huge capacity of 14,000 mAh, it provides long-lasting power and can act as a power bank. With D-Tap, USB-C and USB-A ports, you can connect hundreds of different devices to it, including smartphones, laptops or preview screens. The battery pack is compatible with V-Mount and D-Tap chargers. You can also charge it through a universal USB-C port. It offers protection against overheating, overcharging and overcharging for safe use. The backlit LCD screen displays the charge level, the voltage transferred to your devices and the remaining operating time. By choosing Newell hardware, you also get a 40-month manufacturer’s warranty.

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    Main Product Features

      • Newell V-Mount (V-Lock) battery pack.
      • the ideal choice wherever you want to extend the runtime of your camera or video camera
      • 14,000 mAh capacity ensures long device runtime
      • the battery can act as a power bank
      • equipped with additional ports and slots: D-Tap, USB-C and USB-A
      • USB-C port supported by Power Delivery technology (max. 65 watts)
      • using the USB-C port, you can charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, MacBooks, power banks, camera batteries with USB-C port, Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, sports cameras, portable gaming consoles, e-book readers, GPS navigation and many other devices
      • traditional USB-A port allows charging of older generation devices that do not have a USB-C port (including power banks, smartphones, wireless mice and keyboards, music players, etc.)
      • compatible with V-Mount battery chargers and power stations (including Newell BP-4CH or Newell BP-4CHT)
      • compatible with D-Tap chargers (including Newell D-Tap 16.8 V 5 A)
      • D-Tap socket allows you to power, among others, cameras, camcorders, preview screens (appropriate cable must be purchased separately)
      • possibility to charge the battery with a USB-C cable (must be purchased separately)
      • equipped with a backlit LCD screen
      • on the screen you can check the battery charge percentage, voltage and remaining operation time for the connected device, among other things
      • ports protected by sealed caps
      • V-Lock system allows instant installation in a compatible socket
      • protection against overheating, overloading and overcharging
      • equipped with LG cells
      • 40-month manufacturer’s warranty

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    Revolutionary V-Mount Battery

    The Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount battery is a true innovation that goes beyond traditional applications in the world of film and photography. Equipped with USB-C, USB-A and D-Tap ports, it offers dozens of different applications to meet your needs in any situation. With USB-C and USB-A ports, you can charge and power not only your cameras and camcorders, but also your smartphones, tablets, laptops or speakers. Whether you’re on set, outdoors or in the office, this rechargeable battery will provide support for all the electronics that accompany you on a daily basis.

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    Multiple available ports

    The Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery Pack is more than just the popular V-Lock mount and standard charging connector. There are 3 additional ports on the housing of the device, which significantly expand the functionality of the cell:

      • D-Tap port (input/output)
      • USB-C port (input/output)
      • USB-A port (output)

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    As many as 3 ways to charge

    Reaching for a classic V-Mount battery charger (such as the Newell BP-4CH or Newell BP-4CHT) is not the only way to replenish the Newell BP-190 LCD cell. Additional ports open up a whole new range of possibilities, providing flexibility and independence.

    • V-Mount – If you have a compatible charger or a device powered by such a cell that supports charging, simply plug the battery into the V-Lock slot.
    • D-Tap slot – The Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount battery can be charged using a D-Tap charger (including Newell D-Tap 16.8V 5A).
    • Port USB-C (Power Delivery) – If you don’t have a special charger on hand, no harm done. The USB-C port, which supports 65W Power Delivery technology, will allow you to quickly charge the cell with a universal USB-C cable.

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    Use as a power bank

    The Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery Pack will not only provide power to your film and photography equipment. The device will work great as a powerful power bank. Thanks to the USB ports, you gain the ability to charge a wide range of electronic devices on the go, outdoors or anywhere else. You can charge smartphones, tablets, laptops and even some MacBook models using the USB-C output, which supports Power Delivery technology (max. 65 watts). There’s also a traditional USB-A port on board. It will allow you to effectively charge older generation devices (including portable speakers, headphones, smartwatches or cameras). No matter where you are, this battery pack will provide you and fast charging compatible with hundreds of different devices.

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    Backlit screen

    Full control of the charging process is provided by the backlit screen. The display provides detailed information in real time. With just a glance, you can check the battery charge level. There is also information about the voltage transmitted to devices connected to USB-C and USB-A ports. The Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount battery screen is also an ideal tool for monitoring the runtime of the device to which it is connected. Based on the information about voltage and available energy, the device itself makes the appropriate calculations. This way you know when it is nearing time to replace the cell or recharge it.

    14,000 mAh capacity

    The Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount battery is distinguished by its impressive capacity of 14,000 mAh. This is a huge amount of energy that provides not only reliable power, but also long-lasting power for even the most demanding tasks. With such a capacity, the battery is ready to accompany you for long hours of work.

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    Fast Power Delivery charging

    The USB-C port that the Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery Pack features supports Power Delivery technology with up to 65 watts of power. Whether you’re a filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer, programmer or traveling freelancer, the Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount battery pack will provide fast charging for your devices, including laptops. It’s a versatile solution that you’ll use wherever you need instant replenishment via USB-C.

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery

    Protection and safety

    In order to ensure the proper parameters of the charging process, the Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount battery pack is equipped with modern controllers. They protect the device from overheating and overcharging, while guaranteeing maximum cell life. The battery allows repeated charging and discharging, as well as recharging at any time without the risk of the so-called memory effect.  LCD V-mounts are equipped with reliable LG cells.

    40-month warranty

    Newell means hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world who have praised this particular brand for years. It is for their sake that the service warranty on all products has been extended up to 40 months. By choosing the Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount battery you are assured that for at least 3 years the device will successfully support you in your work.

    Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount Battery


    • model: Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount
    • capacity: 14,000 mAh (207 Wh)
    • voltage: 14.4 V
    • inputs: USB-C (max. 65 W – Power Delivery) / D-Tap (max. 8 A)
    • outputs:
      • USB-C: 5 V / 3 A, 9 V / 3 A, 12 V / 3 A, 15 V / 3 A, 20 V / 3.25 A (max.)
      • USB-A: 5 V / 3 A, 9 V / 2 A, 12 V / 2 A (max), 4.5 V / 5 A, 5 V / 4.5 A (max)
      • D-Tap: 14.4 V / 14 A (max)
    • weight: 1035 g

    Set contents

      • Newell BP-190 LCD V-Mount battery

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