Newell Beauty Dish RF-405 - Silver

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The Newell RF-405 Beauty Dish is a unique light modifier that will be ideal for fashion, glamour and beauty shoots. It will also be a great choice for photographers specialising in portraits. The unique reflector-shaped canopy allows for stronger shadows and greater contrast. When using a strong light source, you will highlight facial features or material textures even better thanks to the silver reflective surface. The Beauty Dish is compatible with the Bowens mounting system, which is popular in the film and photography industry. The modifier offers a diameter of 40.5 cm and weighs just 505 grams.

Main product features
Beauty Dish type canopy with distinctive reflector shape
The diameter of the canopy is 40.5 cm
a great choice for portrait, fashion, glamour and beauty shoots
enables stronger shadows and greater contrast
enables you to soften the transition between shadows and light
Sturdy construction made of lightweight aluminium
weighs just 505 grams
internal reflective surface in silver
Bowens system mount
compatible with Newell diffuser DF-405 (to be purchased separately)

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