Newell BD-200 Barn Doors

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The Newell BD-200 gateway is a universal light modifier compatible with 18cm diameter canopies, which are widely used in the world of video production and photography. The ergonomic mounting system ensures a fast and convenient installation. The high quality black finish helps to eliminate unwanted glare and the high quality hinges will allow the precise positioning of the wings to suit your framing needs. The gate comes with a circular honeycomb (grid) that you will place in a compatible socket. With its help you will increase the contrast and direct the light precisely. Also included are 4 circular filters – yellow, green, blue and red. Thanks to a combination of hooks and magnets, you will install the effect film frame of your choice on the gate housing in seconds.

Main product features:
gates compatible with 18 cm diameter canopies
Allows the light beam to be limited and directed
convenient mounting system with a simple locking mechanism
4-wing design for precise control of the shape and size of the light beam
strong hinges for optimum control of the gate wings
black finish to prevent unwanted glare
compatible honeycomb fitted in a circular socket included
Honeycomb helps to better focus and direct light rays
4 frames with integrated effect foils, in yellow, green, blue and red
convenient mounting system for the filter frames, based on magnets and hooks

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