Newell BC-18B dual channel battery charger for EN-EL18 batteries

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The Newell BC-18B twin charger for EN-EL18 batteries is the perfect solution for people who want to make sure they never run out of power while using their camera. Regardless of the capacity and the number of cells you use, at some point they need to be recharged. It is then worth betting on a proven device that not only provides maximum battery life, but also protects them from overcharging or overheating. The Newell BC-18B twin charger is designed for EN-EL18 and MH-26 cells, but thanks to the included adapters, you can also use it with LP-E4/LP-E4N and EN-EL4/EL4A batteries. The device is also equipped with a special calibration function. After fully discharging and recharging the cells, the indicators on your camera will once again show precise values that match the actual state of charge! By choosing the Newell BC-18B charger, you’ll be able to charge several types of batteries, ensure their optimal power replenishment and complete safety!

Main features of Newell BC-18B dual channel charger for EN-EL18 batteries
ability to charge 2 batteries simultaneously
two adapters for charging EN-EL4/EL4A and LP-E4/LP-E4N batteries
calibration function
readable LED indicators
overcharge and overheat protection
Guaranteed maximum cell life
Guaranteed maximum cell life
Charge 2 batteries simultaneously
Newell BC-18B is equipped with two charging channels, so you can charge your set of batteries even faster. The manufacturer has taken care of special hooks that allow you to conveniently connect specific cells to the charger. Thanks to this work in a hurry and under time pressure will not thwart your plans. Clips will ensure that the batteries will not move, remaining in place during charging or calibration.

Convenient battery calibration
Your batteries are never fully discharged because you recharge them whenever possible so that they are always ready to go? Do you have the impression that the camera does not always correctly interpret the power level available to the cells? Take advantage of the calibration function offered by the Newell BC-18B twin charger. Thanks to this, the indicator in your camera will show values that match the actual state of charge. In addition, during calibration, the LEDs on the charger housing will let you know how much time is left.

Support for different batteries
When you choose the Newell BC-18B dual channel charger, you get the ability to charge different types of batteries. By default, it allows you to supplement the power of EN-EL18 or MH-26 cells. With the included adapters, you can also use the charger to charge EN-EL4/EL4A and LP-E4/LP-E4N batteries. If you use different cameras, this solution will minimize the amount of equipment that accompanies you while working!

Protection and safety
Thanks to the use of advanced charging process controllers, the Newell BC-18B dual channel charger will provide your batteries with maximum life. The manufacturer has also taken care of appropriate protection systems. Thanks to them, the batteries will be protected against overcharging and overheating. This guarantees not only the safety of your equipment, but also the environment in which you use the charger and batteries.

Clear LED indicators
On the body of the Newell BC-18B dual channel charger, you’ll find clear LED indicators that will let you know the level of charge of your batteries using a 3-stage scale: 50%, 80% and 100%. The LEDs will also come in handy during the calibration process. Thanks to the indicators you will know how much time you need to complete the process.

Many years of experience
When you buy Newell brand products, you choose years of experience backed by thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers, including both professionals and amateur photographers. Bet on high quality and join the Newell family!

The charger is compatible with system rechargeable batteries, Newell brand rechargeable batteries and other replacements.



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