Newell Battery with USB-C onboard recharge NP-FZ100 for Sony (2300mAh)

Sale price$80.00


– capacity: 2300 mAh
– voltage: 7.2 V

Newell NP-FZ100 USB-C is a modern battery replacement designed to work with digital cameras. This model is distinguished not only by its unique color. The integrated USB-C port will open up a whole new range of charging possibilities for you! If you don’t have a charger at hand, nothing is wrong. You can use the USB-C cable and replenish the power with a power bank, computer or phone charger. The battery offers 2300 mAh of capacity. It uses an intelligent system to regulate the charging process and protections against overheating, overloading and overcharging. You can recharge it at any time without worrying about the occurrence of the so-called memory effect. And all this at an exceptional price and with a 40-month manufacturer’s warranty!

Main product features
replacement NP-FZ100 battery
covered by a 40-month manufacturer’s warranty
equipped with integrated USB-C port for charging
capable of charging via a USB-C cable connected to, for example, a power bank, computer or smartphone charger
compatible also with traditional battery chargers
LED light to indicate charging in progress or completed
created using lithium-ion technology
capacity of 2300 mAh
made using the best quality cells
intelligent protection system that regulates the charging process
protection against overheating, overloading and overcharging
multiple charging and discharging without “memory effect”
unique color to help you find the USB-C port cell more easily in your bag or backpack

Compatible Cameras;

A9 / A7III  / 7R III / A7R IV / A6600


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