Newell Air Artha XL LED Light

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The Newell Air Artha XL LED lamp is a great device for photographers and filmmakers who are looking for a powerful light source with a large footprint and a round shape. Adjustable color temperature and power will make it easy to control just the right amount of light for your scene, and the built-in diffuser will give you the soft light that filmmakers want. With support for the popular V-Mount batteries in the film industry, the lamp can operate wirelessly. Convenient operation is also supported by a remote control with built-in screen.

Main features of Newell Air Artha XL LED lamp
color temperature adjustment
adjustment of light output
adjustment of the tilt angle of the panel
adjustment of the light output
operation within 3 groups and 40 channels
remote control
possibility to mount on lighting tripod
bag included

Adjustable power and color temperature
The Newell Air Artha XL provides great creative freedom when working with light on a film or photography set. Its angle can be set thanks to the movable disc which is locked with strong screws. The device also has a built-in diffuser, which provides pleasant and soft light without the need for additional accessories. You can easily adjust the color temperature from 3200 K to 5600 K. The maximum light intensity you can achieve with the Newell Air Artha XL lamp is up to 1800 lux!

remote control
Included with the Newell Air Artha XL light, you’ll find a handy remote control, complete with a pin that lets you hang it on a lanyard. It is also equipped with a clear screen allowing you to control the parameters of the light source. The remote control will allow you to conveniently adjust the power of the devices and the color temperature, as well as check the battery charge level. However, that is not all. Air Artha XL lamps can operate within 3 groups and 40 channels. Thus, one remote will allow you to control several different devices.

Convenient transport
Convenient transport and safe storage of the lamp is enabled by a practical, travel case zippered and equipped with a handle. Inside there are matching compartments for the remote control, power supply and cables. In a special pocket finished with elastic band you will be able to store additional photo or film accessories.

Many years of experience
When you buy Newell brand products you choose years of experience backed by thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers, among whom are both professionals and amateurs of photography and film. Bet on high quality and join Newell family!

model: Newell Air Artha XL
maximum power: 70 watts
LEDs: 180 x 5600 K, 180 x 3200 K
maximum light intensity: 1800 lux (at 1 m)
colour temperature range: 3200/5600 K (with built-in adjustment)
colour rendering index: CRI > 95
display: LCD
power control: 3-stage
brightness control mode: 0 – 100%
power supply:
DC power adapter (included)
V-Mount battery pack (sold separately)
Power supply: DC 15V
operating environment temperature: 0 – 40° C
storage temperature: -10 – 50 °C
Relative humidity: 20 – 90 %
dimensions: 539 x 38 x 548 mm
weight: approx. 3320 g
Kit contents
Newell Air Artha XL LED lamp
DC 15V AC adapter
power cable
zippered carrying case
remote control

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