Newell Air 1100 BiColour LED Light

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The Newell Air 1100 LED lamp is an excellent device for photographers and filmmakers who need an additional light source for various types of projects. Built-in color and power temperature control makes it easier to control the proper lighting, and the built-in diffuser brings the soft light desired by the creators.

Advanced features
Newell Air 1100 has a built-in diffuser, thanks to which we obtain a pleasant, soft light, without the need for additional accessories. The power of light and color temperature can be controlled smoothly by knobs and the control of parameters is done by the built-in display.

Well thought out design
The construction of the lamp allows you to mount it using the attached bracket on a light stand. The design of the adapter also allows you to adjust the angle of the panel plane. In addition, there is a ¼ inch socket at the bottom of the panel that allows mounting on a tripod head.

Power options
The Newell Air 1100 can be powered in two ways. The first is the use of popular NP-F batteries available in the Newell offer. The indicator on the display helps to check the state of charge of the cells. The second solution is the DC 15 V power supply, which is included in the set. Rechargeable batteries, however, should be purchased separately.

Many years of experience
The Newell brand has been operating on the market for many years and has a long list of satisfied clients both among professionals and photography enthusiasts.

• CRI:> 95
• lux: 1100 (per 1 m)
• maximum power: 40 W
• color temperature: 3200/5600 K
• power supply: NP-F battery (not included) or DC 15 V power supply (included)
• mounting: on a light stand using a handle (included), a ¼ inch thread socket
• type of cooling: natural ventilation
• dimensions (mm): 376 x 266 x 25 mm
• weight: 1170 g (without batteries)

Kit contents
• Newell Air 1100 LED lamp
• user manual
• mounting adapter for a lighting tripod
• 15 V DC power supply

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