Battery Grip Newell C800D for Canon

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Newell C800D is a robust, full-featured battery grip for Canon EOS 77D, 800D, 9000D, T7i, X9i. This device allows a better grip improves comfort when taking pictures in vertical and extends the work without having to replace the batteries in the camera.
Additional power supply
Grip has two basic functions. One of them is the long life of the camera, by providing an additional source of power. The battery pack can put additional Battery Pack LP-E17. This solution enables more intense and longer work without fear of losing power in the least expected moment.

Improved ergonomics The second important function is to improve grip comfort when shooting in both vertical, and horizontal. Specially designed shape and finishing with durable and pleasant to the touch rubber material provides a comfortable and secure grip, so that the camera feels right in your hand.

Increased functionality Grip provides quick access to basic camera functions through a range of ergonomically placed buttons and knobs. The handle is equipped with:
– On / Off switch Grip
– two-stage shutter release – a light touch button allows you to focus, pressing the end of the triggers the same way as the shutter button on the camera itself (Canon does not natively provide a grip for these models. Newell have developed this option, however it requires a link cable between the grip and the camera remote release port to operate. The link cable is included, and must be fitted for triggering operation from the grip controls.)
– additional belt clip
– Tripod thread 1/4 “- tripod mount allowing the use of photo without removing the grip of the camera
Full compatibility with the camera
Grip Newell is a robust, fully functional grip for Canon EOS 77D, 800D, 9000D, T7i, X9i. Works with batteries Canon LP-E17 cell substitutes Newell and other manufacturers.

High quality Clever design, top quality materials and precision make the product will serve you for years. In addition, all grips Newell two-year warranty!

– Dimensions: 13 x 9.8 x 7.5 cm
– Weight: 222 g (excluding batteries)

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