Newell USB "On The Go" Hub 3in1 - USB-C / USB-A Hub and USB-A pass-through MicroSD and SD cardreaders for phones/tablets or laptop - Graphite Colour

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  • The Newell OTG 3 in 1 Hub is a universal memory card reader that resembles a cigarette lighter by its dimensions. The device is equipped with 2 plugs – USB-A and USB-C. Thanks to the support of OTG technology, the hub can be connected not only to a computer, but also to a smartphone or tablet. This does not require installing any additional drivers or applications. There is also a USB 3.0 slot on the case, with a maximum data transfer rate of 5 Gbps. The reader supports 2 types of memory cards – micro SD and SD. The housing made of aluminum alloy and plugs protecting the plugs are a guarantee of durability and adequate protection of the device.

    Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub

    Main Product Features

      • handy memory card adapter
      • casket size and ultra-lightweight
      • enclosed in a robust aluminum alloy housing
      • using 2 plugs ensures compatibility with USB-A and USB-C ports
      • USB 3.0 (Type-A) input allows you to connect a flash drive or external drive
      • OTG technology support allows you to connect the hub to smartphones and tablets equipped with a USB-C port
      • compatible with 2 types of memory cards: SD and micro SD (TF)
      • maximum data transfer speed – 5 Gbps
      • plug & play – using the device does not require installing drivers or additional software
      • minimalist design and great build quality
      • plugs to protect plugs included

    Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub

    SD and micro SD cards

    Are you looking for a way to quickly and conveniently save or read data from memory cards? Do you often transfer documents, photos or videos between different devices? With support for SD and micro SD cards, the Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub will make data transfer simple and fast. The reader is equipped with 2 types of plugs – USB-A and USB-C. Thus, the Hub will work well with a variety of devices (including: computers, smart TVs, tablets and smartphones).

    Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub

    Tablets and smartphones

    Most of today’s tablets and smartphones support “On The Go” technology, which allows you to connect USB devices to them. The Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub is compatible with it, making it even more convenient to transfer data between memory cards and mobile devices equipped with a USB-C port! Just connect the reader to your smartphone or tablet and…. done! With Newell OTG 3-in-1 hub, you don’t have to waste time installing additional apps or drivers!

    Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub

    Additional USB 3.0 slot

    The Newell OTG 3-in-1 hub is compatible not only with SD and micro SD memory cards. You will also find a USB 3.0 slot on the housing of the device. Quickly and conveniently connect a flash drive or external drive to it when all the ports on your computer are already busy.

    Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub

    Modern design

    The Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub is only 7 cm long, making it easy to fit in almost any pocket. The device is made of durable aluminum alloy for durability and ultralightness. The manufacturer also took care of adequate protection of the USB plugs. Special plugs will effectively protect them from dust and dirt.

    Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub

    Fast data transfer

    Want to quickly back up documents stored on memory cards? Or are you looking to streamline the process of transferring photos from your camera to your computer? Newell OTG 3-in-1 hub is the perfect choice. The maximum data transfer speed here is as high as 5 Gbps. This will allow you to transfer data from one device to another in no time at all!

    Newell OTG 3-in-1 Hub


      • devices equipped with a USB-A or USB-C port (including computers, tablets and smartphones)
      • SD (TF) or micro SD memory cards


    • model: Newell OTG 3-in-1
    • color: graphite
    • material: aluminum alloy, plastic
    • max data rate: 5 Gbps
    • supported memory cards:
        • SD
        • micro SD (TF)
    • interfaces:
        • USB-A 3.0 (male)
        • USB-A 3.0 (female)
        • USB-C (male)
    • dimensions: 70 x 20 x 8.5 mm
    • weight: 25 g

    Set contents

      • Newell OTG 3-in-1 hub

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